Healing with sound, yoga, bodywork & life guidance

My Purpose: To inspire people to "find" happiness by breaking through their painful physical and mental blocks. Yoga, sound and energy work, bodywork and guidance are ancient tried-and-true healing modalities will get you past those blocks.  Guaranteed.

A force of change at four feet, nine inches .

A force of change at four feet, nine inches.

At seventeen I came to the USA, speaking no English.  I've since built a yoga practice and a loyal client base with services that include yoga training, deep therapeutic bodywork, and guidance.  Every one of my services is an offering, and a path to healing happiness.  This website is just the next expression of my journey, and another offering from which I hope to connect with more people.  Speaking of: Here's an article about me from the recent Mysterland USA Festival:



                                                                                    Mentors are key:  Mine include the shaman Don Diego, the yogi Dharma Mittra, the Buddhist teacher Geshe Michael Roach, my spiritual mother Radavie Riom, the instructors/masters who have trained me over the years, and the many people who have trusted me with their bodies and spirits. 

Special thanks to Andrew Moon for an incredible partnership, and for this beautiful website, photos and videography.  Also to Hans Speijer for the yoga forms in red photography.  To my mother Agnes I have deep gratitude for bringing me into the world and to the USA.  My deepest gratitude is with the Divine Spirit in us all.

There's no secret to happiness.  Everyone is on a unique path of learning and teaching.  When I see people try to become more happy and to learn heal themselves, it makes me happy.  Happiness is my deepest wish for the world, my priority and joy.