Skills: An accomplished teacher, an inspired yoga instructor, sound healer, body worker and life guide, Abigail Karina DeVine works mostly with private clients throughout New York City.

Abigail brings intuitive knowledge to the body and refreshing authenticity to her understanding of people.  Her yoga and body work sessions are personalized, intense and rewarding, and her clients committed to a balanced life.  Continually adding to her repertoire of healing modalities, she recently returned from Kathmandu, Nepal having "earned her Tibetan singing bowls" to provide comprehensive sound healing therapy to her clients. 

Abigail arrived in the USA and embarked on a lifelong journey to master happiness.  She has taught at Bikram Yoga NYC and Union Square, Hot Vinyasa Yoga at David Barton Gym, Vinyasa at New York Health & Racquet Club, Dharma Yoga at Three Jewels and Dharma Mittra.  She graduated from Bikram College of India (Los Angeles, CA) in Spring 2003, with a distinction of winning the Best Overall Yogini.  She also studied Hatha-Raja Yoga from Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Mittra Yoga Center where she graduated in the Summer of 2005 (receiving Best Student Award). 


Her certificate completions between 2007-2011 include: Karma Kids Yoga, Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Lomi Lomi, Source School of Tantra, Synergy Teacher Training, Usui Reiki 3 Master, Shamanic Reiki Master, Ohashiatsu Yoga Bodywork Institute of New York, Reflexology and Thai Massage (extensive) in Chiang Mai Thailand.   

A student and teacher of Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 4 through 9 (Master: Geshe Michael Roach), Abigail’s strong physical yoga is married with stillness, surrender and meditation.  From 2007-2013 she traveled to Peru to practice deep Shamanic healing, meditation, and spirituality; she has participated in over 100 Shamanic ceremonies.

Abigail has been mentioned in Vogue, appeared on television and on stage demonstrating her abilities.  Her inspirational energy, high expectations, and bawdy broken-English sense of humor are hallmarks of her style.  She is a little giant, a force of nature, and has created her business for anyone interested in personal transformation, focus, and love.

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A happy core: My life story is delicious.  I was born in a Philippines village with no electricity or running water.  Poor, often hungry, I slept on the floor in a small house with 12 sublimely unhappy people.  This foundation was my classroom, and I have deep gratitude for every moment.  From these roots I learned profound happiness!

What makes me special is not my's my energy, my light.  And my willingness to push deep. 

Practicing on myself, becoming aware of how my mind works, I have found a way to communicate with my most internal space; this space has no story, and it's the wellspring of my energy.

The heart is where I find deepest truth and healing.  It is my core, and why I love to serve and guide others.  It drives me to help others find their physical, mental and energetic balance.