Abigail offers private or group yoga instruction in NYC and for corporate productions.   Combining vigorous Vinyasa and Tibetan Heart Yoga her free-form style is customized; it may include meditation, Thai stretching, use of belts and blocks (sorry, no whips!).  Bring your smile or she will provide.


Yoga Testimonials

Ben Ghalmi.jpg
Abigail’s yoga classes are transformative and filled with joy. Her laughter and wonderful presence keeps you focused while reaching out for the highest goals you can imagine. She is clearly one of the most powerful yoga instructors I have ever met. She is also a wonderful life advisor and conveys a fantastic sense of optimism.
— Ben M. Ghalmi, EVP Mentoring and Coaching John Foley Inc, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Cultural Awareness

Sean Patrick Sullivan.jpg
I’ve enjoyed, expanded, and benefitted from having Abby as my yoga instructor in both private and classroom settings. She has boundless energy, intuition, and originality, not to mention a sense of humor that separates her from some of her oh-so-serious contemporaries. But what makes Abby the yoga instructor for me is her sense of balance, her ability to encourage patience and acceptance while at the same time pushing (and pulling!) everyone in the room to try new things, to reach new heights, to do what seems impossible. On a very personal note, I came to Abby very overweight and very inflexible due to a lower-back injury. After 3 months of twice-weekly instruction, I lost over 25 pounds, had zero lower-back pain, and restored the flexibility I had as a teenager.
— Sean Patrick Sullivan, graphic designer

Michelle Camaya.jpg
Abigail is a big gift in a little package! She is a force to be reckoned with in the yoga space with her sprite like energy and commanding voice. True wisdom comes out of her every pore and it is exemplified in her practice as well. I am a student & teacher that is inspired by Abigail.
— Michelle Camaya, yoga instructor and professional dancer

Abigail loves teaching with a ruler and ... saying what many people are afraid to say. She is very dynamic and since she started learning how to channel her abundant energy into the healing arts she loves, she has been of service to many.
— Francisco Morales-Bermudez, Founder of Synergy Yoga
Francisco Morales-Bermudez.jpg

Abby is very knowledgeable about the human body. She is a wonderful Yoga teacher. In her Yoga class you will learn a lot from her and work hard as you get entertained.
— Rima Hinnawi, teacher and owner at Bikram Reston, VA
Rima Hinnawi.jpg

Abby is one of the most inspiring and demanding teachers I know. She puts her whole heart into everything she does. If she can’t inspire you, no one will! She has a lifetime of experience and insight and will guide you into a deeper, more intimate practice.
— Kristie Lara, massage therapist and yoga student

As a Yoga teacher, she is highly knowledgable and deeply understands the internal and external workings of the body. She takes you through a series of rigorous asana postures while putting great emphasis on the mental state and spiritual development of the practice. During her class you feel activation and purification on all levels, mind, body and spirit. Her classes are all inclusive, and helpful for the practitioner who really wants to excel and deepen their practice!
— Lisa Apatini, Yoga Instructor
Lisa Apatini (1).jpg

I have attended yoga classes with Abby for three years whilst I was living in New York. Her sessions are hard work, challenges me and helps me find my limits, but Abby is always compassionate and caring and has a fun light hearted personality that made me forget the hard work I was doing. Abby is interested in each person as an individual and helps them to reach their full potential. Thank you for all the smiles and laughter, making my day lighter and happier.
— Celesta Alexander, Project Manager at Shine TV

Tiba Ganesh.jpg
She is a dynamic powerhouse, so don’t let the looks deceive you, unless you wish to find out the hard way. If you cheat - she will catch you; you are only cheating yourself. If you are great, she will take note, filing it away for future reference. Either way, you’ll still leave class begging for more... I’ve grown to respect her attitude towards not only yoga, but to life, and I let myself become infected with her aura. I come to her class with a smile, and leave wearing a bigger one...I can’t wait until [Abby] kick[s] my asana again!!
— Tiba Ganesh, yoga student

Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg
When I met Abby my practice had been at the same level for a long time, and I had grown resigned to that. Abby quickly changed that. With her guidance and support, I keep surprising myself with where I can take my practice. Abby will work with you to get to places she knows you can get to, even when you might not know it yourself.
— Cedo, yoga student

Carol Terstra McClarnon.jpg
Abby has an amazing joyful energy, which is reflected in her yoga teaching. Not only have I learned so much from Abby’s classes, but I have done so while laughing and smiling all the way. What a treat!
— Carol McClarnon, Special Attorney at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

Abby’s class rocks! Her charismatic nature and gregarious personality combined with her ability to challenge you and take you to your edge makes for a phenomenal yoga experience, not to mention her sense of humor that will make you laugh out loud!
— Loren Bassett, Hot Power Yoga instructor
Loren Bassett.jpg

Abby is one of the few natural teachers, and brings so much enthusiasm and vibrant energy to her teaching; she quickly develops a loyal following wherever she goes. Her love for yoga and body work shows in her easy connection with her clients, and her laughing, smiling face melts the tightest muscles! She seems to have a knack to get even the most recalcitrant students to keep trying and make steady gains in their health. I highly recommend her!
— Michelle McDonald, WBFF Pro
Michelle McDonald.jpg

Abby has a wonderful ability to teach not only to a full class, but give individual attention to those students that need it without skipping a beat. She brings out the best in me, and my practice. I’m grateful every time I walk into a room and she’s there, not only as a teacher but even as a student. She exudes energy and you can’t help but to feed off of it. She’s an exceptional teacher, and if you follow her dialogue you might even see Buddha!
— Miriam Blank, yoga student
Miriam Blank-Pilgrim.jpg

Abby is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is attentive, observant and hands-on when she needs to be. Her energy always carries me through when I am having a tough class. I miss all 100lbs of her stepping on my feet and pushing me to my full potential.
— Cheryl Mui Lu, yoga student
Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg

Eddie Rabon.jpg
Abby’s style of teaching yoga is refreshing. While I’ve been bored in other yoga classes, Abby does a great job of creating a challenging class that pushes me while her charming personality makes me forget how hard I’m pushing myself. I leave Abby’s classes with a smile on my face and a great sense of accomplishment.
— Eddie Rabon

Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg
Abigail is an energetic teacher to say the least, but perhaps what truly makes her stand out is her uncanny ability shed light on what is automatically comfortable verses what is real alignment in each pose. There is no doubt that her love for yoga has been transformative for her and she consciously shares with her students in the yoga studio.
— Giulia Stasi, yoga student

Laura and Julie Kraouse.jpg
We love Abby’s class! She is a beautiful teacher who can inspire anyone through the most difficult poses, and her energy is infectious! Even though Laura fell on her face in crow pose, and ended up bleeding everywhere, she still came back for more the following week. Abby’s class is a place to have fun while practicing asana, and a reminder to take the light from your mat out into the world. To be like Abby is to smile, hug everyone, and be present in your life.
— Laura and Julie Krouse, yoga students

Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg
But what makes Abby a really special and very popular instructor is her unique ability to challenge you and entertain you simultaneously. She has a dynamic and engaging personality that draws people to her.
— Christine H. Torres, yoga student