Using techniques from some of the best teachers in their field, Abigail employs Thai massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Ohashiatsu and Shamanic Reiki.   Abigail is also a highly attuned energy worker, channeling her energy to where you need it.  Body and energy work is personalized, intense, and deeply healing.


Bodywork & Energy Healing Testimonials

I absolutely loved having Abigail work on me. Her technique and touch are amazing. I just felt like a baby being craddled as she worked her magic with her thai massage. She is extremely intuitive and caring. She never seems concerned with time and she’ll work until she feels I got what I needed. I would highly recommend using Abigail for body work in a heartbeat.
— Kristin McGee, yoga, pilates and fitness Professional
Kristin McGee.jpg

Receiving a bodywork session from Abby is truly out of this world. Her hands are skilled and find every knot, her energy so bright and alive that others pale in comparison. There is such life in her hands. Though she is diminutive in size this powerful massage therapist is as strong as any I have had. She gets to the deepest tensions, eases the most painful areas and always is gentle at the same time. Her background in Energy work give her a sixth sense in finding the areas in the body which are holding negative emotions, traumas. She is able to relieve much pain and bring a delicious sense of well being. Not all gifted therapists are generous with their energy, some cheat you with their time and don’t give you all the strength they have when they work on you. With Abby, you get more than your money’s worth. She loves everyone she works on. Another thing I really like is how she incorporates her knowledge of yoga with her practice of Thai Yoga Massage which is delicious and totally restoring. There is no one as good as Abby in my opinion. A bodywork session with her is the best gift anyone could give themselves, restoring the body and the soul. I highly recommend her. She is skillful, intuitive with such beautiful energy. I am a massage connoisseur by the way!
— Kellee Morris, Medicine Healer
Kellee Morris.jpg

I never believed a massage could have a deep energetic and healing effect until I received one from Abby. I had tried different types of massage from different people and enjoyed them at the moment they took place, but I didn’t feel anything major happened when they were over. A massage with Abby was an intense experience from the moment I got on the table to the day after I received the massage. She worked intuitively and skillfully on every single corner of my body, mixing massage techniques she felt were most appropriate for my body at that particular time. It was a sweet mix of pain, as she opened up energy blockages from my body, with bliss, as she led me to a profound state of relaxation. I got off the table speechless and feeling my whole body buzzing, and that night I slept like a baby. I woke up the next morning feeling lighter, more open, and full of energy.
— Lya Mojica, yoga, food and Self Care Coach
Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg

I have gotten many massages from many different professionals, but after getting a massage with Abby felt like I just gotten my first real massage. Combining a high level of training and experience with a unique sense of intuition, her understanding of the body is truly exceptional. I have had a neck pain for almost 10 years that doctors and therapist either don’t understand or know how to fix. Abby understood it right away and performed some incredible work on it. For the first time I experienced a dramatic physical improvement on something that I was carrying for so long and had given up healing.

Beyond the exceptional massage, Abby is also extremely warm and everything about the time spent with her makes you feel at ease and in touch with yourself.
— Claire Berjot-Stafiej

Suffering from chronic neck & shoulders tightness due to excessive computer typing, I thought to yoga to help me. It did at first but quickly the results vanished. Coming from a friend recommendation, I have seen Abby a few times and she made all the difference in my life! I totally trusted her instantly and from her barely 5 feet tall she command you in all kind of poses and twists that combines yoga, Thai and bodywork techniques. For my specific pains, she asked to actively perform a set of exercises that relieved the exact spots were the pain was originating from. Also the following days, she asked me how I felt and gave me more exercises to do. My pains are a thing of the past! Thank you Abby.
— Antoine R., IT Specialist

I consider Thai massage the best there is. Then two years ago I hired Abigail, who uses a combination of Thai massage/stretching, Reiki and obviously much more. She was intense and caring, and an intuitive healer. Honestly, she’s like some kind of savant about the body. Her massages are always challenging at times, and she has taught me specific yoga poses for home therapy. I have sent several colleagues and friends her way, and every one of them have had similar experiences.
— Andrew Krauss, Producer

Abby is a very special healer. She is physically strong and intuitive in her bodywork. She is a long-time and respected Yoga teacher in the community. I believe she possesses a special insight and immense compassion and fearlessness that makes her a true healer. Thank you for all you have done to help me Abby!
— Erin Vaughan, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher
Erin Vaughan.jpg

Abby’s years of yoga teaching and training, and her massage and bodywork background, have given her an innate knowledge of body mechanics. Her corrections, both verbal and hands-on, have repeatedly helped me achieve a deeper level in my practice, both physically and mentally. Abby teaches me to break through my limitations, to give 100% in honor of my spirit, and to experience life as a fun adventure. As a result, I have become more confident and playful in my practice and teaching. No matter what is going on in my life, I always feel strong, empowered, and DELICIOUS after a class with Abby!
— Rachel Devlin, yoga teacher
Rachel Devlin Costello.jpg

Abby is not afraid of the body and teaches other people to feel that way too. She can tap into pain at appropriate levels and help release elusive pain patterns in the body. She gave me the best massage of my life...the kind where you feel structurally and emotionally changed after you get off the table. I trust Abby with my life. I trust her advice, I trust her to be brutally honest with me, I trust her touch and occasional toughness. She is a truly gifted healer and most enlightened guide.
— Laura Elizabeth Becker
Laura Elizabeth Becker.jpg

She is masterful in her massage, healing the weary emotionally and physically and raises your spirits in any yoga class. Being touched by this blessed soul will truly heal you forever.
— Laura Luciano