Tibetan "Singing" Sound Bowl Therapy

As a bodyworker I am known for my deep, intuitive work and personal healing energy; I have been fortunate to work with many clients who trust and allow me to find their specific problem areas.  Sound therapy has now entered like a dear companion to my bodywork; it’s broad, holistic design and depth has offered a unique and powerful tool in my healing arts!

Sound healing has been a practice for over 5000 years, and for good reason. The song of the Tibetan bowls (their vibration) carries rich audible tones and invisible frequencies that work both above and below our awareness.  Fill a bowl with water, and strike the edge - see how the water reacts so completely to the vibration; your body, which is made primarily of water, reacts the same way to sound vibration.  These tonal vibrations activate your body, spirit and mind - reaching into you in a way that neither hand nor acupuncture needle can.  The experience is very personal, even intimate.  And like a good massage, the effects of singing bowl are both immediate and lasting.

We are always humming with some vibration; at any moment we can stop, close our eyes, and feel it.  It’s delightfully obvious.  On a molecular level we are a collection of vastly diverse particles vibrating at different frequencies and rates.  What if we can ‘tune’ our energies?  In fact, we are only beginning to recapture this ancient healing art of sound therapy.

Physical benefits of sound treatment include: Chakra cleansing, stress & blood pressure reduction, improved circulation, immunity boosting, improved sleep, relieving repressed or blocked energies, feelings of well being, heart-opening and presence.  Beyond rejuvenation, this therapy may feel alternatively emotional, intense, soothing. It depends on what you have going on inside:

Seven Bowls for Seven Chakras:

A well-trained set of singing bowls are designed to bring balance to the body and harmony to each chakra.  The bowls work independently and in tandem to create a full-body embrace that lifts you into an altered state.  This is a state that clients describe alternatively as meditative, shamanic, a gateway to their subconscious, dreamlike, or deep consciousness.

I was very fortunate to receive extensive private, immersion training in Kathmandu by one of Nepal’s most renown singing bowl masters - Chaitanyashree.  Performed properly, Tibetan sound healing bowls work with what may be the essence of our creative vibration.  This vibration, as he describes it, is “Naadha, the Primordial Sound, the source and the core of every living being.”  Whatever you call it, this sound, this song, offers a transcendent language - effortless to receive - and provides a deeply healing journey.  I love it, and think you will too.  

Each session lasts from 60-75 min.  Please see my "Rates" page under "About Abigail" for rates.


Sound Therapy Testimonials

Abby is a [singing bowl] master - intuitive, giving, kind, light and funny. She knows what you need. The practice that she’s offered me throughout the past 6 months has changed my life for the better in subtle and obvious ways. Without divulging my life story I will say she’s showed me another level. She’s helped me on my journey to open up to new channels and to heal old wounds. I am so thankful to experience her magical yet practical guidance through tibetan bowl work. Very very very highly recommended.
— Christian Cuoco

My singing bowl session with Abigail was a wonderful kind of healing that I had never experienced before. The sensations of the energies in my body that were once blocked being shifted by the vibrations of sound were extraordinary and Abigail provides you with tools to continue the healing beyond your sessions. It was truly magical!
— Alton Fitzgerald White

I had a wonderful experience this morning with Abigail. When I arrived the space was beautiful, calm and welcoming. She was warm and inviting. Abigail explained that all I need to do was follow the sounds and relax. I found myself quickly immersed in the experience. I felt deeply relaxed and attuned to my baby. It was wonderful to feel that we were experiencing the therapy together and in our own ways. Abigail provided very helpful feedback afterward that helped me feel both empowered and excited. I recommend this to any pregnant woman.
— Allison Frances

I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I had never had sound healing before, but I was completely surprised and amazed. First of all, the space where Abigail performs the relaxation is beautiful. It’s an awesome healing environment. I felt better the movement I stepped my feet inside. The all-white decor, window view, and the calming feeling of the room made me feel at ease. And I can’t forget to mention what an amazing healer Abigail is. I got comfortable on the massage table and was amazed to absorb the sound. It’s hard to describe but sometimes I felt there were church bells surrounding me. Other times, the sound soaked through my body and the sounds were a much different timbre. I followed the instructions given and after the session, I sensed that my body already felt a lot different. I felt completely at peace and open to the message Abigail gave me about healing the different parts of my body. I was happy and delighted to take part in this magical experience. That same night I felt an energy jolt in my left knee, which hurts off and on, and then the energy was gone. I let it flow through and since then, I haven’t had any problems with that knee. I trusted the sound to do it’s magic and highly recommend this different and fascinating healing session.
— Suzanne Wise, Nurse

I entered my session a bit nervous and expectant but Abby and her wonderful energy put me right at ease. The best way I can describe the sound healing was an induced meditation. It was hypnotic and relaxing to simply be and listen to the different bowls and their tones and notice how they interacted with my body. I even fell asleep at one point! After the session, I left light, deeply relaxed, and very happy. I especially appreciated the “breakdown” Abby provided after our session. She mapped me through my chakras and gave me advice on the information she gathered from her custom Tibetan Singing Bowls. And all of her advice was spot-on! I would highly recommend this healing for anyone who is curious and to everyone who feels like they need to relax and reset.
— Kelly Klein: Director, Producer and Actor

I went to Abigail looking for some sort of healing or spiritual experience. As she opened the door I felt a beautiful energy. I was very impressed with the relaxing beautiful white setting. For a moment I totally forgot I was in New York City. It felt surreal even before she started with the tibetan bowls. As I relaxed and listen to the beautiful sounds, I felt how each of my Chakras vibrated to the rhythm of the singing bowls. At the end, we discussed together what I felt and what she perceived during the session. It was helpful for my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend visiting her amazing space.
— Victoria Ochoa

Taking a sound healing session with Abby is an amazing out-of-this-world experience. I arrived stressed and tired but Abby’s joyful presence in her sanctuary full of light brought me immediate peace. The session itself took me to the most pleasant and insightful altered state of consciousness. The beauty of the sounding bowls and the intensity of the vibrations were profoundly beautiful and I left the session more relaxed and happy than I had been in quite a while.
— Claire Berjot,Graphic designer
Thank you SO MUCH relieving my stress in record time!! You truly give ‘good vibrations’ with your singing bowl skills :) Actually, one of my favorite things about NYC is to open a door and be transported to another world. Your space is mind blowing... beautiful and serene. Thanks again for all the care and time you’ve given.
— Mei-yann (Dr. Wang), M.Y.H., Executive Assistant in Investment Banking

Abby is AWESOME! Super nice lady... Her sound healing session is like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s not a massage because there is no contact. It was like an out of body experience. I felt like I was floating in space while sound waves were traveling through my entire body. The hour flew by very quickly. I had a really long day at work and after the session I just felt surprisingly at peace and completely rejuvenated. I don’t know words that can full describe my experience.
— Hubert Li, Financial Corporate

I felt transported. It was both emotional and freeing; after I got past a slight feeling of overwhelm, the experience became out-of-body. Awesome!
— Andrew Moon

[Abigail] has the remarkable ability to make you feel at ease, listening to every word, having great care and concern for your well being...
You relax on a massage bed, soft, soothing music is playing and candles are lit. She then provides you a blind fold assuring you, you are in a place surrounded by love. As you are lying there, relaxing taking in the whole scene, she begins the healing process of the Tibetan singing bowls. My brain translated this as bells in a church/cathedral. I was instantly brought back to special memories with my mom (she passed over 4 years ago.) Afterwards I felt soo relaxed, as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. She then spoke with me, reviewing what I felt, experienced. She gave me wonderful feedback on ways I can improve myself; mentally to spiritually. I can not thank her enough for her amazing, health and spiritual gifts she bestowed upon me! Run, do not walk, to see her!
— Robin Bass

I received a sound healing at Abby’s beautiful healing space a few days ago. This practice is absolutely profound. I have been on long meditation retreats, spent weeks in the Bahamas doing 6 hours of yoga a day, worked with Reiki masters etc....but nothing compared to the potency of this sound healing I received from Abby. From the moment I laid down and Abby struck the 1st cord I felt this jolt in my body and a slight healthy excitement/fear because I knew that this practice would go very deep into my subtle body. Once i completely surrendered to her guidance and care I went on an incredible journey that I will not forget for the rest of my life. I felt certain points in my body where I usually hold tension vibrating very rapidly then completely releasing. I felt a sensation of completely floating...such ease and peace in my body like i have never felt before...but the real magic was when we finished the session and Abby talked with me about her experience working on me. Thru her singing bowls she can see and speak with your most subtle body and she pinpointed exactly some mental and emotional issues that i am dealing with. And she had such a deep compassion for theses struggles of mine...it is now days later and i am still feeling the deep and profound effects of her work and i know i will feel them for weeks, months and years to come...
— Jennifer McFarland, Photographer

As a first timer to the sound healing bowl experience I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But now that I’ve done it, I will most definitely be back for more. After insuring that you are comfortable and completely relaxed, [Abigail] begins the experience with some gentle music that eases you into your healing session. Once the sounds of the bowls take over, she takes you on a journey within your mind, body and spirit. The harmony of each bowl activates each chakra point of your body; stimulating energy within while allowing it to flow naturally through your body to put you in a relaxed and tranquil state. After just one healing I left feeling happy and euphoric and loving life even more. Whether you are new to discovering your spirituality or looking to go deeper into your spiritual journey, the sound healing experience is a must do. You get a personal healing with Abby in a confidential and comfortable environment that I guarantee will have life changing affects for you.
— Logan Scott

Spending time at Abi’s would be uplifting even if she weren’t sharing these incredible healing sounds . . . her presence is electric, overflowing with joyful playfulness and sharp intuition, and her space is extremely well kept and comfortable. But her ability to connect with the magical songs of the singing bowls made this experience unforgettable and literally life-changing. Not only did she play the bowls beautifully, helping to realign my inner vibrations, but she also understood how the bowls were interacting with each of my spiritual centers. At the end of the session Abigail shared her observations with me, helping me to understand which of my chakras were clear and strong, and which were clogged or weak. Abigail’s combination of mastery, patience, and wisdom exceeded my expectations, and when all was said and done, I left feeling supremely grateful for receiving her gift.
— Louise Miller, Lawyer

As a physician and a man of science I realize that one can not always heal someone through medicine, that once in a while it is necessary to step away from what we know as scientists and put our trust in something less tangible... The moment I stepped into Abby’s space I realized I had stumbled upon one of these special gems of healing and spirituality that only the luckiest people will find in their lives. Soon after arriving, I was wrapped in a warm, quiet cocoon, with a blindfold. In the distance I could hear the city heaving in its chaotic confusion and I was at instant peace. Little did I know that I was about to be completely immersed in a sea of energy and vibration that would be transformative, shaking the foundation of my being, into a vibrating energy in sync with the universe. When I took my blindfold off I had tears streaming down my face, my mind was blown, and my soul was cleansed. I recommend this treatment for everyone. At minimum you will have an intensely, relaxing, calming journey surrounded by beautiful sounds and pleasant smells. With an open mind your therapy will take you places you did not know existed. Enjoy your journey.....
— Dr. Brett Margolias, MD

I truly can’t say enough about Abigail and how gifted and what a true healer she is. She knows the body so well (both physically and energetically) and I always walk out of her sessions a new person.
I’ve been seeing Abigail for massage but more recently she introduced Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing therapy to me. Words really can’t describe this experience. But I’ll try my best. I was completely transported by the singing bowls and really traveled with the sounds they made. I’ve never had a session like this but I responded immediately as I physically felt the vibrations of the bowls all up and down my body. I felt actual chills and a warm sense of relaxation and comfort. I fell into a deep sleep but kept fighting the sensation to in the beginning as I was really enjoying the melodic and peaceful notes of the bowls. When I awoke up from the session, I felt completely relaxed yet energetic. I felt as if I had slept for years but didn’t have that groggy feeling. It was quite the opposite. I felt rejuvenated and enlightened and so grounded. We spoke about my experience and then she gave me a diagnosis which she received from working through my chakras. She was completely spot on and it helped me bring awareness to certain areas in my life that needed more attention to. I felt amazing that evening and for several days after. I was more focused, centered, and relaxed which helped me tap into a space that I haven’t been in for quite some time. So amazing! It was an unreal experience and one that everyone should experience. And Abigail is the one to experience this with.
— Julia Chan, Fitness Training

Session with Abigail was amazing. It was the first time I was doing a full hour sound healing. I think it was even more than an hour. I couldn’t say for sure because i was carried away in the incredible sounds. Abigail was extremely attentive and professional. She asked to fill out the forms at the beginning, then we talked about my health and emotional state, and then the session began. I felt like i was floating and vibrating along with the sounds if various musical instruments during the session. But the most important part to me was the discussion with Abigail after the session, where she was explaining to me how she was working on my body and what I could do to improve my health and my well-being. Abigail gave me such a valuable advice. I was very impressed by her ability to recognize what has to be done with the mind and body to bring them both to harmony and balance.
— Jane "Zhenya" Clothes Designer

Upon meeting Abigail, you immediately feel you are in the company of a wise and trusted friend. Along with the comfort of her bright smile and genuine kindness, you will be in awe of her knowledge, beauty, boundless energy, and strength. I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Tibetan Singing Sound Bowl Therapy and was truly blown away. As soon as the session began, I fell into such a deep state of relaxation. I could actually feel the vibration penetrating into my body making me feel so connected, so complete. The tranquility and beauty of the sounds opened my heart, while removing underlying blockages; it was immensely healing and restorative. At the end of the session, Abby shared insights that she received about my body that were incredibly profound. She then provided heartfelt solutions that have already improved my life. I will forever be thankful for the blessing of meeting Abby and having access to her healing powers.
— Caren Zoppi, Fitness Trainer

I gave Abigail a five star review because she is truly a gifted healer. I received an indescribable Sound Bath Healing from her along with a deep tissue massage, which was amazing! I left her feeling completely calibrate, highly tuned and serene. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone. Her space is so inviting and I found that I relaxed just by entering. I hope this review helps anyone who is on the fence...take a dive and experience the power of sound healing, it is truly transformative.
— Venus L