Guidance sessions require an open mind, trust and compassion.  The format is conversational.  Together we will investigate areas where you feel stuck, blocked or unresolved.  Advice can be simple, fiery, gentle, fun and intense.  I am fearlessly dedicated to helping you find your truth and happiness.  


Guidance Testimonials

Abigail has always opened my eyes to every situation I’ve been through. She helps me get to the truth of my actions and intentions, only guiding me deeper into the core of who I am. Abigail has guided me to my self.
— Tatiana Vertucci, Personal Trainer

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Thanks to Abby I have found my “happy,” and I finally understand that I need to put in work to hold onto it. I wish I had this knowledge at the age of 15, when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I’ve spent the last 15 years taking medication and working with various psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. Therapy was helpful. Working with Abby has been life-changing. I feel as if I accomplished more in two short hours working with Abby then in all my years of doctors, medication, exercise and yoga. I often tell people that meeting with Abby was “the first stop on my journey to happiness.” ...
Everything positive that has happened in my life over the past few months I trace back to my one two hour meeting with Abby. I feel as if she opened my mind to the power of positivity and giving in order to receive. As soon as I opened my mind to what she taught me in my session, I met many like-minded people who have also contributed to my journey. I feel that I am now equipped to help others understand what life is all about as Abby did for me. I will always regard her as my first teacher in life’s most important lesson: happiness. If you want to find your “happy” talk to Abby and she will help guide you.
— Kyla M, Age 31, Costa Rica

Abigail has a complete approach to healthy life from nutrition, to meditation and yoga and bodyworks. Her amazing life energy combined with her knowledge make her treatment a blissfull and effective experience for our happiness.
— Cecile Roubaud, Professeur de Yoga chez Cecile Roubaud

Abby’s honesty and presence bring on instant healing. She cares about her clients/students more than they care about themselves. Working with her is like an infinite exploration of her and myself.
— ChauKei Stefanie Ngai, 2013 International Yoga Champion


Life Guidance work [with Abigail] has been greatly helpful to my clarity of mind, decision making, self-esteem, self-image, and over all emotional well being. These sessions have been incredibly powerful for me. They have brought the necessary change and shifts to my perspectives that were holding me back from executing my daily life to my most truthful and highest potential. Abigail’s intuition when working with you in this area is masterful. Her guidance is always rooted from the heart and is fearlessly truthful. Through a series of thoughtful questions, Abigail helps you deepen your ability to answer for yourSelf. The more and more the truth has been uncovered, the more and more I have developed the strength and clarity to orchestrate my life with this awareness. Abigail also provides guidance on how to integrate the sessions properly, so that one can continue the expansion of this work on their own. This has been perhaps one of the most powerful parts of my growth and healing, developing our sessions to become a constant practice, rather than just when in the chair or on the mat!! The few sessions we have had have meant more to me than years of therapy. Words cannot convey my gratitude for all that Abigail has helped me uncover, surrender to, change, and create.
— Lisa Apatini, Yoga Instructor
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Abigail has been a very important catalyst and guru in my life. A guiding light. Her energy is always bright, even through difficult times. She has an incisive ability to see the truth in people and situations, almost to a telepathic level. Her teachings come not from an esoteric place, but a profound, direct understanding through her own experience; and she draws from such a vast array of human experience. I could see Abigail deal with any situation productively: and for that reason I hope as many people as possible have the opportunity to connect with her and be affected by her powerful energy.
— Julia Garro, Aerial Acrobat
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Being a single [‘only’] child and having problems when I interact with large groups of people, I turned to Abby. She showed me kindly what’s underneath and gave me instant exercises so I can stay aware of my act while in those situations. She has a gift one as to experience! She really listens ... and gives you back your truth each moment whether you ask for it or not. I have never met a human being that is so direct in telling you your own truth. She has no filter and his pure love and honesty. Plus, she keeps you accountable for your actions over time. There is no going back once you decide to be guided by Abby. You are in for some real transformative work.
— Antoine R., IT Specialist

Abby is my mentor...also the wisest and the most intuitive one; a great leader and coach. Her emotional and intellectual support drives people to do grand things; but she does not refrain from giving constructive criticism when needed. Her wisdom, courage and strength is an inspiration to me and I am so utterly grateful that I have encountered her on my path. There are very few such honest and transparent people out there. Thank you, Universe, for Abby and her support.
— Kala Jerzy, Writer/Social Media and PR Strategist

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Abby is abundance !! Abby is larger than life- Her sheer endless life energy is infectious and she will amaze and inspire you with her total presence and real connection with everyone!! Do not miss this Force Of Life!
— Uta Scharf, Owner, Uta Scharf Fine Art

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Abigail is a unique and compassionate spirit...She was my first yoga teacher 10 years ago and I was instantly drawn to her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm for life. She taught me what yoga is all about and gave me a foundation to grow from; I am forever truly thankful.
— Laura Luciano

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Abigail has a special lightness of being and radiates joy and optimism for life. She is candid, loving, and makes me laugh endlessly. She also allows me to focus on the things that are important and will allow me to live well, even if they are difficult and painful. She has a true gift for easing people through blockages and I respect her work tremendously. I feel like I breathe a little easier when I am around her, and that is a wonderful feeling.
— Laura Elizabeth Becker

Happy Sun Testimonial.jpg
Talking with Abby has brought a positive perspective on how to handle issues in my life which were stressing me out, holding me back, or simply weighing me down. Her energy and demeanor were both calm, amiable, and assertive—allowing me to feet comfortable being honest about my obstacles, insecurities and setbacks. I am very grateful for the session we had, and even if she claims to not be a guru—(I feel) for sure, she has wonderful intuition and some damn good advice.
— E. Newsome Chamberlin