A Peaceful Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you want to be relaxed - mentally, physically and energetically.  You want to feel connected to your developing baby.  You want to dissolve tensions and explore yourself during this sometimes-stressful adventure.  That's where the good vibrations of Tibetan Sound bowls come in...

Tibetan Sound bowl therapy for expecting mommies is simply my most sacred and joyful re-balancing modality.  There’s nothing I love more than guiding an expectant mother into a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation during this time of profound life transformation.

More and more expectant mothers are interested in alternative healing practices.  Many sample acupuncture, light massage or simple spa treatments during their pregnancy.  All are worth a try.  What is most important is that you find a relaxing therapy that resonates with you and the baby both.

Bowls Sing, Body Listens

Tibetan Bowls stimulate body, mind and chakras in ways that can’t be reached by hand or acupuncture needle.  The frequency of the sound penetrates your body’s water and bone, to release blockages on a fundamental level.  More than a mere escape from the city, this therapy dissolves worry, tension and fear.  It leads to emotional release. It’s a balancing therapy, bonding mother and child at their cores.  For me, this shared union of frequencies is what makes the experience priceless.

A Sacred Journey

Tibetan Sound healing for expectant mothers is steeped in technique honed over many centuries, and passed down with sacred healing intention.  I carry forward this intention as I focus on each of your seven Chakras.  I share my insights at the end of the session, and I invite you to share as well.

Dance of Life

To me, babies are pure light: They are enlightened.  In the womb, egoless, babies are simply present to receive love and nourishment unconditionally.**  They are uniquely tuned-in to their environment.  I invite you to open to this fundamental state of unconditional receiving!

Relax, Surrender, Share

For some, the Tibetan Sound Bowl experience is grounding; for others its more like an uplifting journey to the stars.  Like any healing, it depends on what mommy brings with her to my space.  That said, my energy and guidance will make it easy for you to let go, to go deep, and to inhabit a meditative state.  Expect to feel tremendously relaxed, and more connected to both yourself and your baby.  What a worthy time to be in tune, open and relaxed. Namaste, baby!

Abigail trained in Nepal (Kathmandu) privately with Master Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer, Chaitanyashree.  She brings decades of professional Yoga Instruction, Shamanic Journeywork, Bodywork and Life Guidance experience to each 70-minute session.

** A fetus’ developing hearing apparatus is sensitive - so note that the bowls play at safe decibel levels and the bowl is never in direct contact with the mother.

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I have never heard of this method of massage before meeting Abby. But anything that’s good for the baby I’m will to try. And boy was it amazing!!! The sounds were beyond soothing and took over my conscious. Baby was dancing in my belly ever so slightly the whole time, making the whole experience so amazing for both of us. Afterwords I felt light. It’s the only way I can explain how my body and mind felt. Simply clear and light. And as any (soon to be) first time mothers all feel...our minds are constantly going with all the new changes happening. This is a true healing massage; mind, body, and soul. I can’t wait to do it again!
— Jill Spanos Woodle
I was about 5 months pregnant when I experienced my first Tibetan sound therapy session with Abigail. Abby created a beautiful setting surrounding me with multiple gold bowls. Her angelic presence and the peaceful setting of an all-white room with the sun shining in made me feel as though I was in heaven floating on a cloud. I immediately fell into a deep state of relaxation listening to the meditative sounds. It was the deepest meditation I’ve ever experienced. I felt profoundly connected to my baby. I could feel the healing energy saturating my entire body. Abby’s evaluation of my state of mind and chakras after the session was spot on. Very therapeutic and enlightening. I highly highly recommend it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced!
— Loren Basset, Power Yoga Instructor and Athlete
I had a wonderful experience this morning with Abigail. When I arrived the space was beautiful, calm and welcoming. She was warm and inviting. Abigail explained that all I need to do was follow the sounds and relax. I found myself quickly immersed in the experience. I felt deeply relaxed and attuned to my baby. It was wonderful to feel that we were experiencing the therapy together and in our own ways. Abigail provided very helpful feedback afterward that helped me feel both empowered and excited. I recommend this to any pregnant woman.
— Allison Frances
I had the divine blessing of meeting Abigail and being introduced to sound therapy while i was pregnant. I had never really heard about sound therapy and had very little knowledge on what to expect of the experience. When Abigail opened the door to her beautiful healing work space...I felt Abigail’s undivided attention and love from the second i entered to when i departed. Never once did i feel her mind or thoughts drift. Being pregnant it felt so special to be able to completely let go and feel such a level of trust in doing so. The sound vibrations that Abigail played surrounded me, i felt a deep relaxation come over my entire physical body. I felt as if my emotions were on a journey as the sounds and vibrations continued, and i experienced thoughts and memories of beautiful meaningful moments and people in my past. Sound therapy with Abigail was truly a unique experience, and one i would recommend.
— Katie Rivera
70-Minute Sound Healing & Energy Guidance with Abigail DeVine

70-Minute Sound Healing & Energy Guidance with Abigail DeVine